Bay State Council of Divers


BSC Treasure Hunt Dive, Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007 was a cold and drizzly day, but a much more pleasant day than the several just before, so by comparison it seemed sunny and nice. 

The SCUBA event had more than thirty divers in the water, a WAY better turnout than last year in spite of the weather.  The aim was to find the optimum amount of treasure for the maximum number of raffle tickets.  Tickets were awarded for retrieving up to 5 washers (one raffle ticket each), one nut (two raffle tickets), and any trash you could find on your dive (one more raffle ticket).  Besides finding those required items, I saw a big toad crab, and, of course, lots of cute hermit crabs.  I was surprised to see only a couple of other divers during the dive, though many were in evidence when I surfaced.

Great prizes for the SCUBA event were donated by exhibitors at the 2007 Sea Rovers show when approached by John Blackadar and Roy Chamberlain.  The first prize to be taken was a new BC.  The Grand Prize was a 6-day dive trip for one to Labrador.  Other prizes included several pairs of fins, masks, dive lights, shirts and towels.  I took the DAN safety kit which included a large dive sausage, thinking it would be good to take to the Galapagos Islands in July.  Most people won at least one prize.

Teams from MetroWest Dive Club, New England Aquarium Dive Club, East Coast Divers, Divers’ Market and Sea Rovers all entered the Snorkeling Event.  The winning team for this event was the Sea Rovers team, since they recovered 607 (almost half) of the glass pellets.

Richard Palanzi of MetroWest brought a grill, and burgers and hot dogs to share.  It was a chance to meet with the dive community to socialize.  Very nice!


2007 Treasure Hunt